Raidiam publish free essential checklist to help anyone wanting to create their own Data Sharing Ecosystem

Any business wondering where to start when creating their own data sharing ecosystem, whether the driver is regulatory or a desire to excel in the API economy, will find this checklist vital. It sets out the key ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ questions that apply to every ecosystem and which it pays to consider upfront.

Raidiam, the award-winning data sharing specialists are well placed to have created this checklist, having spent the past six years designing and developing the world’s most exciting ecosystems, amongst others including Open Banking in the UK and Brazil. Building on their unique experience they have secured their place as the go-to people for advice and support, and are the first company in the world to enable organisations to create and control their own ecosystems, rather than just join those managed by others.


Eyal Sivan joins Raidiam as Vice President, Open Banking and Smart Data
29 May 2023

Raidiam are delighted to announce that Eyal Sivan joined the team as Vice President, Open Banking and Smart Data from 29th May. Eyal brings with him exceptional knowledge of technology ...

Rafe Mazer: Emerging markets won’t achieve Open Finance through voluntary measures
18 May 2023

Open Finance is expanding in emerging markets across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, driven by a mix of government policy and private sector innovation. Open Finance in emerging markets brings ...

Thoughts on the long-awaited report from JROC
24 April 2023

Barry O'Donohoe, Co-Founder and COO It appears that progress on Open Data in the UK is a bit like waiting for a bus. Nothing much appears for ages then suddenly ...

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