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From the very beginning we have been pioneers. We are globally recognised for helping to write the standards by which secure the whole data-sharing industry, and we continue to remain at the vanguard. Wherever you are on your digital journey, we’re not only here to help you take the next step, we’ll also keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

We’re a small company and that is our strength. Being nimble has allowed us to maintain a personal ethos while also remaining flexible to adapt to the ever-changing landscape and our clients’ changing needs. Small does not however mean we’re not influential: we are trusted by Banks and other global Financial Services companies to deliver on regulatory identity and access management requirements (SCA and PSD2). In addition we have advised governments, regulators and companies in multiple sectors and multiple countries.

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Open banking know-how, open to all

We have developed entire data sharing ecosystems from scratch, and enabled companies to leverage those ecosystems across multiple sectors. We believe in democratising data sharing whilst leveraging global best practise and open standards, to ensure maximum adoption at the lowest cost.

Whether you are a Regulator or a Corporation, we are here to help you identify the right strategy for your evolution, an evolution that lies at the heart of a truly digital economy. The most successful economies are driving forward with adoption of data sharing programmes and the most successful companies have moved from using technology simply as a tool to enhance existing processes, to embracing technology as the catalyst for excellence.

Building on secure, proven foundations, we will create the platform you need to meet your goals. Not only that, we’ll integrate the platform and support you as you grow.

We build a strong relationship with you so you, in turn, can build stronger relationships with your customers.

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Successful open data sharing has, at its core, trust, and trust is the bedrock of our approach. Our global, industry-leading systems allow you to be safe and secure in your connections, creating an environment where communication is achieved in an atmosphere of ease, confidence and opportunity. This is the power of Raidiam’s approach: an environment where information can be shared safely and with surety.

We excel in creating, and giving you access to, unique spaces where strong connections can be forged, and opportunities can be identified and explored. The benefits of these connections are numerous, not least of which is knowing that everyone present is part of the ‘club’, sharing the values of the ecosystem. Together, we are the doorkeepers to a safe, secure environment.

The Framework, like all of our services, is dynamic. It allows you to make, and then secure, connections specific to your personal needs. Connecting with Raidiam is your launch pad to a new and exciting future.

Our experience is unparalleled and our commitment to our clients unmatched. Partnerships are our strength. We are there not only to achieve your destination, we’re with you Every Step Of The Way.

Raidiam is uniquely positioned at the heart of open banking. We have delivered all of the open banking core technology elements for Open Banking Brasil, including the Directory.

We now offer a managed enabler service for Banks to accelerate their own implementations of Open Banking – which we guarantee will work with the Directory. Our Enabler is already FAPI Certified (including FAPI-CIBA) and naturally already works with the Directory. This allows you to focus on
growing your business, not just on getting it ready to grow.

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Latest news

Raidiam Scoops Top Prize at Open Banking Expo Awards

This post is also available in: Português (Português)

July 2022

Raidiam’s contribution to both Open Banking UK and Open Banking and Insurance in Brazil has been recognised by Open Banking Expo, winning the prestigious 2022 “Open Banking Pioneer – Organisation” award.   

The Open Banking Expo judges commended Raidiam’s “influence when it comes to developing the data security framework in the UK and Brazil”.

Raidiam Founder and CTO, Ralph Bragg commented:  

“Our team is thrilled to have been awarded the much-covetedOpen Banking Pioneer Award – Organisation. Raidiam is a comparatively small, but growing team, punching above our weight to play a central role in the most ground breaking Open Finance challenges on the planet. However, what lies ahead of us is as equally exciting. There’s still lots to do to give consumers and businesses more control over their data and enable everyone to capitalise on the benefits offered by Open Banking. 

“To these ends, we are proud to say that Raidiam Connect, our ecosystem-in-a-box PaaS technology, can be used by any size of business in any sector, to safely connect and share data using secure APIs. We believe we are the only company in the world to offer such a technology package. 

“Ultimately, in our industry, pioneering is only possible with collaboration. We recognise that our success and this award is tied into the successes of others, so everyone in Raidiam would like to acknowledge and pass on our thanks to our great clients and partners.” 

For further information on the awards visit Open Banking Expo 

Raidiam wins FDATA Best OB Fintech Partnership 2021

This post is also available in: Português (Português)

November 2021  

Raidiam are winners of the 2021 FDATA award for ‘Best OB Fintech Partnership’ together with Chicago Advisory Partners! This is in recognition of our joint work to develop and deliver a successful Open Banking ecosystem for Brazil.

Our collaborative partnership combined the individual strengths of each company: Raidiam’s global expertise in Open Banking, technology and enabling standards; and Chicago’s pragmatic local expertise and management to ensure that the design was tailored to meet the individual needs of Brazil.

This project has been truly unique and ground-breaking.

We would like to thank our partners Chicago Advisory Partners for their outstanding work on delivering this project. We are thrilled to jointly win this award and receive recognition from FDATA of our collective achievements.

For further information on the awards visit Financial Data and Technology Awards (FDATA) Open Finance Awards winners.

Raidiam delivers game-changing open banking directory for Brazil

This post is also available in: Português (Português)

October 2021

Introduced in phases throughout 2021, the Brazilian Central Bank’s Open Banking Programme will be transformational, and Raidiam is delighted to share the news of our implementation of the Directory of Participants technology. Building on world-class security standards, we have delivered equally world-class technology, enabling all participants to search, discover and confirm their identities and authorisations with ease and surety. The Open ID Certified Trust Platform we have provided – live within three months of the contract being awarded – supports over 800 banks. But our exceptional service didn’t stop there. The whole system has been tailor made so it is distinctly Brazilian. Raidiam has provided world-class technology with a truly local flavour.

Find further general info or visit Open Banking Brasil

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