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A proud provenance

Raidiam was set up in 2016 and is run by two of its founders, Ralph Bragg and Barry O’Donohoe.  From the outset their mission has been to create a world where secure data sharing ecosystems open the way for everyone to be seamlessly connected to the products and services they need.

Our first major pioneering project was to design and deliver the ground-breaking Open Banking Trust Framework in the UK. The Trust Framework is critical as it provides certainty on who you are dealing with, what data is being accessed and how it is shared.

This significant success led to Raidiam being approached by many other countries around the world to help them create, implement and run their own open data ecosystems using their expertise and technology.

Realising that our Trust Framework technology could also benefit businesses looking to exchange data securely, Raidiam developed Raidiam Connect. This smart ecosystem-in-a-box product suite can be deployed by any business in any sector, no matter what their requirements, to create and control their own data sharing network.

We are also regularly called upon by governments, regulators and central banks to advise them on their data sharing challenges or to address their security concerns.

How we work

Forging trusted connections

Whatever your data sharing requirements, we will work with you to understand your exact business needs and identify the best solution to achieve your goals.

We are trusted by clients globally to design and deliver their ecosystems, allowing them to focus on what they want to do with their ecosystem rather than how they are going to deliver it. We are masters at balancing the conflicting needs of usability with those of security.

Our approach will consider regulatory frameworks in the context of your existing and future needs. To maximise your investment, we will make sure you benefit from global best practise and open standards.

The ecosystem platform we design and implement will be unique to you, but it will always be built on the same proven secure foundations. Our technology is easily deployed into any location globally.

Raidiam is internationally recognised for helping to create the open international standards which underpin the entire data sharing industry, and we always apply them to everything we do.

By choosing Raidiam you are putting your ecosystem in safe hands.

What is an ecosystem?

In the data world an ecosystem describes any network connecting different parties or individuals who wish to share their data or access digital services.

Ecosystems can help an organisation meet its regulatory requirements but they also unlock value, opportunities and benefits for businesses and consumers alike. They are important for any business who wants to provide controlled access to data whether they are a bank, utility, healthcare provider or technology company.

Raidiam can help with all aspects of creating your own ecosystem.

Products & services

Everything needed to create, secure and control your own data sharing ecosystem

Raidiam are pioneers designing and delivering ecosystems to enable secure and trusted data sharing. Our ground-breaking products and services mean you can focus on what you want to do with your ecosystem rather than how you’re going to deliver it.

Each of our three core offerings can be tailored to your exact requirements.


Our award-winning ecosystem-in-a-box Trust Platform technology suite


Our consultancy service to get your ecosystem up and running and fully integrated


Peace of mind conformance testing and certification services

Latest news

Latest news, views, reports, thought leadership and career opportunities from Raidiam

We are regularly in the news whether we are winning awards for our pioneering work or being called upon to contribute game-changing thought leadership projects.


Thought Leadership

Open Banking Expo Unplugged - with Liz Crews and Marie Walker

18 July 2023

Case Studies

First of a kind ecosystem delivered for global business

Raidiam were recently selected to design and deliver an ecosystem for a well-known brand looking to platformise their business, using the highest-grade secure APIs to identify and connect with customers and provide products and services.This ground-breaking initiative uses Raidiam Connect’s ecosystem-in-a-box technology which enables them to create connections easily and simply.

A key requirement was to ensure the business had complete control over the operation of the ecosystem and the potential to make further innovations over time. They were keen to create a single global Trust Platform spanning its entire API landscape that would provide full visibility and management of all services across all brands in one place. It was only made possible because of Raidiam’s unique, white-labelled PaaS technology, which not only utilises the highest-grade security standards but is also agile and quickly and easily deployed.

Raidiam’s instrumental role in making Open Banking a reality

Raidiam designed, developed and delivered the Trust Framework and services for Open Banking in the UK, and was the only technical consultancy involved with the UK’s Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) from the start. The UK was a global frontrunner in Open Banking, providing a blueprint that others are now following. It connects banks, third parties and technical providers – enabling them to simply and securely exchange data to benefit their customers. Open Banking Brasil involved Raidiam from the very start of the initiative in 2019, to share their insights and expertise. Raidiam was instrumental in the design, development and delivery of this national ecosystem, helping Brazil achieve its incredibly swift implementation timescale. Raidiam Connect was used to provide the core Directory, Trust Framework technology, Conformance Suite, Reference Bank and Reference TPP. To date it is the fastest ever implementation of Open Banking and the quickest to extend from account information to payments functionality in a coherent way.

Raidiam wins contract to deliver Open Insurance in Brazil

Brazil is the first country to regulate Open Insurance. Raidiam was involved from the beginning, providing the Trust Framework technology, core Directory, Conformance Suite and securing interoperability with Open Banking Brasil. Open Insurance aims to revolutionise the relationship between insurance companies and consumers. It allows consumers to share their data between different insurers so they can be offered personalised products and services, at the same time also encouraging market innovation and competition. The data sharing process is designed to be agile, secure, standardised and interoperable with Open Banking.  


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