Our Trust Framework

From individuals to governments: it's all about Trust

The key purpose of any data sharing ecosystem is to deliver the significant benefit of putting consumers in control of their data.

However, before Raidiam the technology wasn’t fit for purpose. With only standards in law to guide us, we needed to define, develop and deliver standards, and then design and realise the technology that struck the right balance between security, accessibility and achievability: technology that ultimately had to work flexibly and seamlessly at every level, from government and large organisations down to the individual consumer.

We committed to taking on this monumental challenge, and we succeeded. Our technology, and the standards we implemented, are now globally recognised and universally trusted. This system provides huge benefits: saving time, money and resources across the whole ecosystem. Savings that can be positively utilised elsewhere.

Accessibility, Security, Openness

Our Trust Framework allows customers to be integrated into the system whilst also being ‘onboarded’ (approved officially). Access is then given to Trust Platform (or Directory as it is commonly known), meaning participants can connect to each other simply, cheaply, dynamically but still securely.

Our contention was always that open data ecosystems should be truly open. This meant balancing the required levels of security and accessibility to all participants. At Raidiam our experience and expertise in Trust Frameworks speaks for itself, and yet we still provide it for the lowest cost. In addition, our Trust Framework Platform technology not only accelerates the delivery of any open data sharing ecosystem globally, but it significantly reduces any associated risks.

Trust Frameworks: From Policy to Planning to Practice

A Trust Framework combines technology, standards and processes, to which we add our unique global experience, technology and knowledge:


The core Directory technology, including Identity and Access Management, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and Financial-Grade Security. Raidiam designed the original open banking Directory for use in the UK. We have subsequently built a next generation platform – from scratch – using the same proven principles at a lower cost.


For onboarding, registering and certifying participants: first with the Directory and second (by leveraging Directory services), registering and onboarding with each other. This is a core benefit of the Trust Framework, it removes the need for each participant to register, repeatedly, on different platforms. This massively lowers costs and avoids needless complexity. Raidiam is a recognised contributor to the FAPI (Financial-grade API) security standards and has unrivalled experience in implementation.


Technology that guarantees security, facilitates onboarding, and validates all participants. Raidiam brings together unparalleled experts with global experience to make this technology seamless. Companies bringing new products to market need to connect to the widest number of consumer accounts, requiring connections to all account providers.

Innovators, Standard-bearers, Keystones

We continue to be pioneers in the enablement of data sharing ecosystems. Our products are created with the sole aim of fostering innovation. Newly funded participants can enter the market quickly and cheaply, while operational costs are reduced for data providers.

The Raidiam Trust Framework Platform follows all of the UK’s proven technical principles: cloud-native scalability; open core standards for low-cost/high-security; familiarity for all participants. In addition, our product includes upgrades, enhancements and flexibility through multilingual, multi-sector, and multi-certification capabilities.

All these elements, working together seamlessly, will ensure the maximum benefits for an open data ecosystem. Our experienced team will bring the same experience of designing the processes and delivering the technology in the UK to wherever you reside, delivering a truly accessible, truly secure, but also truly specific, open data ecosystem.

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