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Building a rapport with our clients is vital and we do this with a concrete commitment: undertaking an initial assessment to understand your strategy and objectives before completing a comprehensive review of your present and a plan to show how, together, we can achieve your future. With a series of videoconference workshops – each session themed for ease and maximum engagement – we build our working relationship from the outset. And we commit to all of this with a flat fee. In addition, we offer an independent report giving complete visibility and control over your long-term options.


Open Banking Expo Unplugged – with Liz Crews and Marie Walker
18 July 2023

We were delighted to have Liz Crews and Marie Walker join Ellie Duncan in a recent episode of the Open Banking Expo podcast. They share some of Raidiam’s key ...

Eyal Sivan joins Raidiam as Vice President, Open Banking and Smart Data
29 May 2023

Raidiam are delighted to announce that Eyal Sivan joined the team as Vice President, Open Banking and Smart Data from 29th May. Eyal brings with him exceptional knowledge of technology ...

Rafe Mazer: Emerging markets won’t achieve Open Finance through voluntary measures
18 May 2023

Open Finance is expanding in emerging markets across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, driven by a mix of government policy and private sector innovation. Open Finance in emerging markets brings ...

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