Hyperscalable Authentication Services

What does it do?

Raidiam Connect Provider is a Certified Financial Grade OpenID Customer Authentication platform. With a rock solid open-source core, sporting an impressive list of supporting modern security standards including the highly coveted F-API Read Write certification.

Designed for variable load optimisation, the capability can make the maximum of serverless or container based architectures to drive down Total Cost of Ownership whilst retaining the ability to run on legacy infrastructure.

Raidiam are proud sponsors of the public project supporting the ongoing maintenance and early adoption of the standards that underpin the next evolution of Financial-grade Security for APIs.

How it works

Designed for a rapid initalisation time supporting a range of hyper scalable distributed persistence layers. Each authentication node can act in isolation with runtime processes distributed globally facilitating a fantastic user experience with extensible multi-lingual support.

With a presentation engine that works with all modern javascript frameworks this capability offers enterprises total control over their customers security experience.

Legacy Authentication? No Problem

Designed for easy extensibility, integrating legacy authentication mechanisms and introducing new flows is straight forward for your developers. Raidiam’s services team can also create integrations as part of an implementation.

We also provide several integrations out of the box with common authentication mechanisms.

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