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TLDR – Raidiam can unlock the real world using the key solutions it has designed, developed and delivered as a global digital enablement specialist. Stay tuned for a tour over the coming weeks…


Raidiam’s focus on digital enablement requires a method for safely sharing identity attributes and facilitating authorized access to data. This is equally applicable to companies helping their consumers access their own data through online services, to companies facilitating their own employees working remotely, or to more complex data sharing ecosystems involving Third Party access such as Open Banking. 

In fact, this requirement is so fundamental that a significant global standard has been developed under the banner of ‘OpenID Connect’. An OpenID Connect Provider then is a system that carries out the safe sharing of identity attributes in order to facilitate authorized access to data. This method (and specifically the associated Financial-Grade API security profile) has been rolled out successfully for Open Banking in the UK, with Australia and New Zealand both selecting it for their open banking and consumer data sharing programmes.

However, it is easy to forget that digital identity can be bound to a real-world identity using the same Protocols. Although this may not sound particularly exciting, it is that link which provides the first key to unlocking the connected world. If a digital identity can be bound to a real-world identity, then the digital assets linked to that digital identity are also attributable to that real-world identity. This in turn enables real-world equivalents of things that are common in digital realms such as identity sharing, consent management and really granular control. For example, being able to purchase age-restricted goods without having to share more of your personal information than is necessary:

In real life, the “Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS)” card in theory allows you to do this, but the Driving license (which also includes your name, address and eligibility to drive) is more commonly used but is also more valuable in both the monetary and the data sense..

Raidiam can create secure, flexible digital experiences that have a real impact in the real world.

Over the next few blogs, we will explore these ideas further through the lens of a “Raidiam Controllable Passport Service” – i.e. how an Identity Powered API and App can enable consumers to sign-up easily, securely, and remain in complete control of who, what and when they share data. This could be used to share simple data such as age verification, through to more complex situations such as COVID Test results, confirmation of Vulnerable status or requirement to wear a face mask on public transport. Crucially, any sharing is completely secure and is only shared with the explicit consent of the consumer.


We will cover the details in a series of blogs: 

  • Sharing identity attributes safely: using a modern, light weight Financial-Grade OpenID Connect Provider like the Raidiam Connect OpenID Provider.
  • Securing and controlling access: and how Raidiam leverages using Kubernetes, Istio and an OAuth 2.0 API Gateway to empower your development teams whilst ensuring the universal application of security policies
  • Innovation, Flexibility and Governance: The opportunities of having secure system interoperability, and the benefits of bringing your digital channel policies under a centralised universal governance.

From a technology perspective, all of the required elements exist already and can be tailored and deployed to enable your specific use case.

For the technologists that just want to skip ahead, explore and have a play, Raidiam has already built the playground:

The Developer Portal:


 The Passport Application:


The Authorization Server:


Feel free to register your own clients, the Dynamic Client Registration Endpoint is open.