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Open Banking is a global movement, born of the technological and social changes that have driven economies over the past quarter of a century.  It is a critical foundation for an innovative and inclusive financial services sector and the platform to deliver a more connected society. 

For more than just banking, as individuals become used to instant access to their data and become aware of the value of their data, they increasingly expect to be able to transfer and leverage that data for their own benefit. 

A number of countries (and sectors) have stated their intention to deliver an open data sharing ecosystem – typically starting with Banking, and we see a global ecosystem of interoperable implementations as the ultimate goal.

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Raidiam’s origins as a financial services Identity and Access Management technology provider have given us an unique set of experiences to help guide thinking for standardising and implementing these new commercial opportunities for providers and users of open data. 

Raidiam has played a core and ongoing role in designing, developing and delivering the most advanced open banking Ecosystem globally and can help guide and accelerate open data ecosystems in other sectors and countries.

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