Thinking about a data sharing ecosystem? Raidiam explains the key questions you need to answer to get started

Whether the need for a data sharing ecosystem is regulatory or purely commercial, every ecosystem is built on the same core principles. So no matter what sector you are in or what data you need to share, there are some key questions it pays to answer up front to help establish the scope and scale of your ecosystem and what exactly you want it to deliver.  Barry O’Donohoe, Raidiam’s Co-founder and COO explains the key questions you need to answer to get started and why the answers will significantly impact the design and implementation of your ecosystem.

How are Raidiam data sharing ecosystems changing the world?

The digital economy is driving businesses from all sectors to look beyond any regulatory requirements to consider how investing in their own data sharing ecosystem could help open up a world of possibilities by unlocking commercial value and competitive advantage.

Raidiam’s Strategy Director, Tim Johnson explains the massive potential that data sharing ecosystems can offer corporations, consortiums and countries and how Raidiam are using their Open X expertise to help them.


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