Raidiam wins contract to deliver Open Insurance in Brazil

Brazil is the first country to regulate Open Insurance. Raidiam was involved from the beginning, providing the Trust Framework technology, core Directory, Conformance Suite and securing interoperability with Open Banking Brasil. Open Insurance aims to revolutionise the relationship between insurance companies and consumers. It allows consumers to share their data between different insurers so they can be offered personalised products and services, at the same time also encouraging market innovation and competition. The data sharing process is designed to be agile, secure, standardised and interoperable with Open Banking.  


Eyal Sivan joins Raidiam as Vice President, Open Banking and Smart Data
29 May 2023

Raidiam are delighted to announce that Eyal Sivan joined the team as Vice President, Open Banking and Smart Data from 29th May. Eyal brings with him exceptional knowledge of technology ...

Rafe Mazer: Emerging markets won’t achieve Open Finance through voluntary measures
18 May 2023

Open Finance is expanding in emerging markets across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, driven by a mix of government policy and private sector innovation. Open Finance in emerging markets brings ...

Thoughts on the long-awaited report from JROC
24 April 2023

Barry O'Donohoe, Co-Founder and COO It appears that progress on Open Data in the UK is a bit like waiting for a bus. Nothing much appears for ages then suddenly ...

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