Raidiam wins contract to deliver Open Insurance in Brazil

Brazil is the first country to regulate Open Insurance. Raidiam was involved from the beginning, providing the Trust Framework technology, core Directory, Conformance Suite and securing interoperability with Open Banking Brasil. Open Insurance aims to revolutionise the relationship between insurance companies and consumers. It allows consumers to share their data between different insurers so they can be offered personalised products and services, at the same time also encouraging market innovation and competition. The data sharing process is designed to be agile, secure, standardised and interoperable with Open Banking.  


How are Raidiam data sharing ecosystems changing the world?
01 November 2022

The digital economy is driving businesses from all sectors to look beyond any regulatory requirements to consider how investing in their own data sharing ecosystem could help open up a ...

Raidiam scoops top prize at Open Banking Expo Awards 2022
20 July 2022

Raidiam’s contribution to both Open Banking UK and Open Banking and Insurance in Brazil has been recognised by Open Banking Expo, winning the prestigious 2022 “Open Banking Pioneer – Organisation” award.    ...

Raidiam wins FDATA Best OB Fintech Partnership 2021
14 November 2021

Raidiam are winners of the 2021 FDATA award for ‘Best OB Fintech Partnership’ together with Chicago Advisory Partners! This is in recognition of our joint work to develop and deliver a ...

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